how much is your current hr ECOsystem costing you?

I hear these things all the time from my clients.  Sound familiar?

I applaud you for taking this step to GET SOME HELP!

Trust me—I’ve been there, too!  It’s scary not having the answers to these questions that can keep you up at night. 

Hundreds of thousands, if not MILLIONS OF DOLLARS can go flying down the drain if you don’t get your HR and People Strategy right.  Poof.  Gone.

Before I get into my secret-sauce, here’s a little bit about me:

Over the last 12+ years, I’ve encountered my fair share of difficult challenges trying to get organizations from A to Z…and I can save you from allll the headaches, and fast track you and your company to success.

As a Senior HR Leader at Facebook, a VP of People for a SaaS Company, a Managing Director at a tech Recruiting Firm, and former Training Leader…you could say I have quite the toolbox!

I Have A Question For You:

Do You Want To…

Know that your HR/People Strategy is one that creates a legendary following?

Use the RIGHT metrics to inform the decisions you make?

Make your HR Team indispensable?

Eliminate the reactive mode you seem to always be in, and take a proactive approach to your HR philosophy so that you create SUPERFANS of your HR Team?

Take off that life preserver that has seemingly found itself around you, and stay afloat?

As a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources™ I’m Here To Help You Put Together a #Winning HR and People Strategy…

Imagine what it would be like to

This means that you will be able to finally have the HR Strategy you’ve been craving so that you drive revenue, increase engagement, and explode team performance.

“He put considerable effort into driving culture merely because he knew that, whether business challenges are many or the “sailing is smooth,” enjoying the people around you means better hiring, greater employee retention, and a better place to work. His creativity, innovation, and genuine integrity were on full display…”

Todd S., VP of Operations

“He’s a great leader, a great mentor and it was a real pleasure working closely with him and his team…He always delivered, always communicated well and was an absolute joy to work with.”

Steve A., CTO & VP of Software Engineering

“A true Leader has the ability to lead by example and positively motivate others to be the best they can be. AJ is the definition of an incredible Leader. In the 9 years I have spent as a Recruiter, I have never worked for a more selfless, brilliant, approachable, energetic individual who always puts his team first and stands behind them 100%. I read once that Leadership is the ability to guide others without force into a direction or decision that leaves them still feeling empowered and accomplished, and AJ does this every day, all day! Even writing this, I know these words will be an understatement of how amazing it was to work under AJ. Cheers to the incredibly lucky individuals who will get to work with him at Facebook!”

– Joni, Senior Recruiter

Did you know that

  • 93% of employees say they’re more likely to stay at an organization with an empathetic employer? (Businesslover)
  • 90% of job seekers say that it’s important to work for a company that embraces transparency? (Glassdoor)
  • 75% of employees would stay longer at an organization that listens to and addresses their concerns? (Ultimate Software)

I have proven, off-the-shelf resources that you can put into practice RIGHT NOW.

PLUS, I will craft a bespoke strategy WITH YOU that will perfectly suit where you are right now in your company.

But, A.J.:

Compared to losing valuable employees that you’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars trying to recruit?  

Compared to not tackling the other things on your to-do list that you’ve been putting off for far too long?  

Compared to trying out un-proven strategies that waste time and money, so you start back at square one?  

I don’t think so!  

You’d be surprised at how effective I am and how many off-the-shelf resources I have for you to implement RIGHT NOW!

Go for it!  And that may work for you!  

But if not … then call me 🙂

I know this feeling!  

The never ending red tape and having to re-explain something to a coach/consultant…but I’ve been there!  

Like I said, I have off-the-shelf, ready to go resources that you can start using THIS. SECOND.  Give me a buzz.

You Can Do This.

You can do this!  Working on your HR Strategy may seem daunting, but it is 1000% worth it.  

The quality of your organization just becomes so much better once you have a winning strategy in place!

If thousands of top employers around the world have been able to land on the Top Employer Award lists, WHY NOT YOU?  

You can do this, and by working with me, you will gain access to all the guidance that you need to put this gameplan together, without having to struggle through it.

I hereby give you permission to step up, take action, and say “WHY NOT ME? I CAN DO THIS!”  Because you CAN do this!  I’ve helped a plethora of companies before you create and implement these strategies. 

You deserve this, and more importantly, your employees deserve this!

Want to see how? 

Let’s chat!
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