Transform Downsizing into a Positive Transition with Career Amp: Empower Your Exiting Talent and Strengthen Your Brand

Discover a Game-Changing Outplacement Service Designed for Compassionate Employers

 Is Your Company Facing the Tough Decision of Downsizing? 

Downsizing is never easy. It’s a challenging time not just for the employees who are exiting but also for those who stay, and significantly, for you as HR professionals tasked with navigating these complex transitions. You’re not just managing a process; you’re handling people’s lives and careers. 

That's where Career Amp comes in.

The High Stakes of Downsizing:

In the thick of downsizing, the risks are high:

  • Employees left feeling abandoned and demoralized.
  • Surviving team members grappling with uncertainty and decreased morale.
  • Potential damage to your employer brand.

“Did you know? A poorly managed downsizing process can lead to a 20% decline in employee morale and productivity among the remaining staff.”

Imagine a Better Way:

But what if you could:

Offer comprehensive support to your exiting employees with guaranteed results?

Uphold your company’s reputation as a caring employer?

Maintain the morale of your remaining workforce?

This is not just wishful thinking. It’s what Career Amp promises to deliver.

Introducing Career Amp

Your Strategic Outplacement and Transition Partner

Career Amp bridges the gap between the difficult decision of downsizing and a positive future for all. We provide personalized career transition services that honor your outgoing employees’ contributions while safeguarding your company’s reputation…all with industry leading RESULTS.

Tailored Support for Every Exiting Employee

Every individual is unique, and so are their career paths. Career Amp offers:

All designed to align with each individual’s career aspirations and industry demands.

What Your Employees Will Accomplish with Career Amp:

Confidence Rebuilt: From uncertainty to clarity in their career goals.

Skill Enhancement: Upskilling opportunities aligned with market needs.

Seamless Transition: Personalized support for a smooth career transition.

What’s Included:

Career Amp is Ideal For:

Why Choose Career Amp?

With a combined four decades in career transition services, Career Amp has successfully navigated thousands of professionals through career changes. Our commitment is to provide compassionate, effective outplacement support, ensuring a dignified transition for your employees.

“He’s a great leader, a great mentor and it was a real pleasure working closely with him and his team…He always delivered, always communicated well and was an absolute joy to work with.”

– Steve A., CTO & VP of Software Engineering

“AJ is just a joy to work with.  In partnering with him I’ve learned new concepts and methodologies for bringing out the best in teams, and have since leveraged and re-leveraged.  Watching him deliver incredible content led to the inclusion of these newly released content.  Aj demonstrates his keen understanding of the challenges faced by leaders and teams…This impact is enormous and will help every person bring their best form of leadership to each other…and to the world.  He’s kind, friendly, funny and passionate.  He moves fast, follows through and brings everyone along.  His competence is off the charts and he takes the work seriously, but doesn’t take himself too seriously.  I jump at any opportunity to work with him.”

– Megan M., Manager

“Working with AJ during my career search was a great experience. I was looking to make a transition from the public sector into the private sector as a Recruiter. AJ assisted with interview preparation and I was fortunate to find a job within a week of beginning my search.  In addition to finding a job within a week of working with AJ, the company I was placed with has a very rigorous interview process and it can be difficult to get your foot in the floor. AJ works with well known clients and listens to what you’re looking for in an employer in addition to what the employer is looking for. I enjoyed working with AJ and working with him was one of the best decisions I made and have recommended him to a number of friends. Since working with AJ I have been fortunate to continue moving in my career in my desired direction and don’t regret making the change! Thanks AJ!”

– Erica, Executive HR Consultant

Our Promise:

At Career Amp, we’re not just offering a service; we’re pledging our support. If within the first month of our engagement, you don’t see a noticeable difference in your transitioning employees’ outlook and preparedness for their career journey ahead, let us know. We’ll work with you to make it right, including adjusting our approach or extending our services. Your peace of mind is our top priority.  In almost four years, we’ve never had to deliver on this, but it’s here just in case you need it!

Empower Your Exiting Talent.
Protect Your Brand.
Choose Career Amp.

Your decision today can turn a challenging transition into a story of growth and opportunity. Let’s start this journey together.

Ready to soar?

…so that you can say goodbye to stress, overwhelm, have a step-by-step plan of action, make what you’re worth, and lead your team to success?  Join me for a free call so I can learn more about you, and how I might be able to help!  Spots are limited in my practice, so act now if this still appears!  


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