“To say I love, and value AJ is an understatement!  AJ has been my coach.  He has been a sounding board.  He will challenge me, push me to go out of my comfort zone, and will often have me step back and take an objective view.  He has helped me to be my own independent leader, authentic to myself.  AJ is someone people trust!  He is approachable, easy to speak with, and people trust him immensely and feel 100% comfortable telling him anything.  With AJ, I feel like I always have a partner who has my best interest in mind all the time, I have support, he will be honest with me, and he will be there.  Period.”

– Lisa N., Director

“Thank you so much for all your support and guidance…You really are 1 in a million and I cannot express enough how integral/valued you are to me…You are a unicorn!  I am learning so much (as are the team) from every interaction and feel so energised by your company and thought leadership.  Keep being you.  I just want more and more :).  We were blown away with the resulting content….”

– Vicky C., Director

“I was truly lucky to have the opportunity to work with AJ after I graduated from college and was looking for work. No more than a couple days after I met with him he was able to set me up with an opportunity to work with yelp.com and they have recently hired me on as an Account Executive. AJ is a person you want to have in your corner. He is hardworking, personable, and great at what he does, I recommend him to anyone.”

– Michael, Recruiting Leader

“AJ is the gold standard…AJ is a great balance of approachable, calming and pragmatic which makes working with him a real human experience.  He creates a sense of safety that allows you to be vulnerable but it is also not afraid to have difficult conversations.  He is proactive, anticipates the next steps so I don’t have to and delivers high quality work/experiences without fail.  AJ’s ability to relate at all levels of the organization and to coach without judgement is a gift.  AJ has been a significant source of support for me (and my team).”

– Caroline M., Director

“My favorite part of working with A.J. are his executive coaching sessions. A.J. is able to help dive into the qualitative traits that are required for all business managers. He has helped me strengthen my communication skills.

Using the knowledge that A.J. taught me has transformed my reputation… Executive Coaching sessions with A.J. helped strengthen my communication skills. Having stronger communication skills helped solve many problems for me around the shop. Employees reacted better to changes that our company wanted to initiate; and as a result, morale was improved.

A.J. has a versatile skill set. He can function as a mentor, coach, staff  A.J. was a tremendous help to our business. We are on the smaller side of businesses and we benefited greatly from the expertise that A.J. was able to bring to the table. I imagine that A.J. would also be a good fit working for larger corporations, especially given his background working in large corporations.”

Eli L., Controller

“He’s a great leader, a great mentor and it was a real pleasure working closely with him and his team…He always delivered, always communicated well and was an absolute joy to work with.”

– Steve A., CTO & VP of Software Engineering

“Working with AJ during my career search was a great experience. I was looking to make a transition from the public sector into the private sector as a Recruiter. AJ assisted with interview preparation and I was fortunate to find a job within a week of beginning my search.  In addition to finding a job within a week of working with AJ, the company I was placed with has a very rigorous interview process and it can be difficult to get your foot in the floor. AJ works with well known clients and listens to what you’re looking for in an employer in addition to what the employer is looking for. I enjoyed working with AJ and working with him was one of the best decisions I made and have recommended him to a number of friends. Since working with AJ I have been fortunate to continue moving in my career in my desired direction and don’t regret making the change! Thanks AJ!”

– Erica, Executive HR Consultant

“AJ is just a joy to work with.  In partnering with him I’ve learned new concepts and methodologies for bringing out the best in teams, and have since leveraged and re-leveraged.  Watching him deliver incredible content led to the inclusion of these newly released content.  Aj demonstrates his keen understanding of the challenges faced by leaders and teams…This impact is enormous and will help every person bring their best form of leadership to each other…and to the world.  He’s kind, friendly, funny and passionate.  He moves fast, follows through and brings everyone along.  His competence is off the charts and he takes the work seriously, but doesn’t take himself too seriously.  I jump at any opportunity to work with him.”

– Megan M., Manager

“Just wanted to note that you are super special and have made a massive impact here…I really value your leadership…You are someone I am extremely grateful to work with and have made me better for those around me.  You have been a source of very critical professional development for me…Thank you for all the coaching and support you provide!  We are lucky to have you…” 

– Ali R., Manager, Programs

“AJ is  always looking for ways to up level the work and people around him, he draws on insights and experiences to share best practices and also build upon things that may have already been done which often results in saved time and energy.  Overall, he is a resource that I know I can rely on as a thought partner and to guide me to the right person and/or resources that I am looking for.”

– Tracy L., Manager

“He put considerable effort into driving culture merely because he knew that, whether business challenges are many or the “sailing is smooth,” enjoying the people around you means better hiring, greater employee retention, and a better place to work. His creativity, innovation, and genuine integrity were on full display…”

Todd S., VP of Operations

“A true Leader has the ability to lead by example and positively motivate others to be the best they can be. AJ is the definition of an incredible Leader. In the 9 years I have spent as a Recruiter, I have never worked for a more selfless, brilliant, approachable, energetic individual who always puts his team first and stands behind them 100%. I read once that Leadership is the ability to guide others without force into a direction or decision that leaves them still feeling empowered and accomplished, and AJ does this every day, all day! Even writing this, I know these words will be an understatement of how amazing it was to work under AJ. Cheers to the incredibly lucky individuals who will get to work with him at Facebook!”

– Joni, Senior Recruiter

“AJ’s facilitation was stellar.  He moved the room towards shared goals in a way that was meaningful, engaging, useful, and FUN!  It was one of the best L+D courses that I’ve taken and I already implemented a big takeaway within one of my major projects this haf.  Huge!  AJ’s ability to read the room and draw out conversation points where context is either lacking, or address “off” energy is spot on.”

– Carolyn G., Manager

“Thanks for being an incredible partner, extremely resourceful and available.  Hands down one of the BEST HRBP’s I’ve had the pleasure of partnering with.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

– Laya A., Manager

“Just wanted to drop a solo AAHHHHHHHHH and a huge thank you for everything.  You’ve been legendary for us…”

– Will B., Manager

“Our growth and success is directly attributable to his efforts…His energy, professionalism, and execution is the best I have seen…”

– David D., Chief Operating Officer

“After meeting with AJ once, he was able to find me an amazing interview the next morning. AJ is punctual, creative, and so personable, making you feel prepared and confident before any interview. I would recommend working with AJ for any placement, and I will absolutely utilize him in the future. Thanks AJ!”

– Gigi, Talent

“Thanks AJ for facilitating an amazing leadership summit for us…!  As a new lead, I got so much value out of the activities and break out sessions, and it gave me an opportunity to meet so many new people across our org.  I really appreciate the thought and time you put in to developing meaningful and impactful activities and discussions for us.”

– Sara Z., Manager

“Thank You AJ for such an amazing leadership day… I left feeling connected, energized, and so excited about this team and all of the support.  Thank you for your guidance, insight, and partnership!”

– Jamie V., Manager

“Thanks AJ for all of your preparation, creative thinking, and bias to action…Your unique insights…help us to land on the best possible solutions and I am grateful to have you as one of our mighty HRBPs.  Thank you for all that you do!”

– Miranda K., Vice President

“AJ is one of those great people who exude positive energy, and it’s contagious to all around him. He’s a great organizer, …motivator, a great leader and a great human being.”

– Andrew Birch, Co-Founder & CEO


“I moved to California after graduating college, looking for a fresh new start. I was applying for jobs on craigslist and various other job boards religiously. I was getting nervous that I wouldn’t be able to find a job, and have to move back to my home state, when I saw Premier’s website. I applied for them, and received a call from AJ Mizes who was my “saving angel” during the whole process. After interacting with him, and seeing the compassion he has for people, I knew I was in good hands. He immediately found a temporary job (that I now work at full-time, thanks to him) and fell in love with. AJ has gone above and beyond and made this experience that much more enjoyable. If it weren’t for him, I would still be applying to jobs on craigslist. Thank you AJ for all your help and hard work, I will never forget it!”

– Monika, Project Manager

“Many thanks for bringing the fun, energy, and deep thinking to our team building offsite!  The team has been absolutely raving about the experience!  You are a gifted facilitator and we are so very grateful for your partnership and guidance!”

– Autum E., Manager

“AJ makes magic happen wherever he goes – he sets vision, gets stuff done, and builds strong teams. He is a tremendous leader, inspiration, …and anyone who works for or with him will be better because of it.”

– Ashley M., Manager, Partner Talent Programs

“AJ helped me land a permanent role at a startup based out of San Francisco. I worked with AJ for the past 6 months while he did everything in his power to help me land a position at the company. AJ was fantastic at finding a role that I could see myself grow into, at a smaller company with a culture that fit perfectly with my goals and aspirations. He was always available for discussion and feedback, and never had a problem with sharing honest and helpful opinions. AJ is somebody with a great level of detail and attention to his associates, I would never hesitate to utilize AJ again in helping me find a job.”

– Michael, Reliability Engineer

“…just want to take a slice out of today to say thank you for all of your perspective/guidance…I’ve not ever seen an HRBP take such an active stance in how we think about people, team health and overall growth.  You mean a lot to us and I hope you know you’re appreciated.”

– Oscar P., Manager

“Thanks Aj for being the absolute BEST HRBP that I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with!  You have an amazing talent to speak, lead and coach people that is uncanny and should be recognized!”

– Trey M., Manager


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